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What is your diet like?

My diet consist primarily of raw vegetables, nuts, dulse and seeds.  I drink 2 oz. of wheatgrass juice every morning after plenty of water.  I then drink 16 oz. of green juice which consists of cucumber for hydration, celery for natural sodium, kale for the antioxidants, sauerkraut as a natural probiotic and lemon to assist with the absorption of iron. Often, I throw in some flat leaf parsley, mint or any other dark leafy  green vegetable I have available.  My lunch generally consists of leafy greens, three or four types of sprouts, all of which my husband grows or soaks for me, avocado, cucumber and dulse.  I use olive oil and lemon as a dressing.  My dinner is generally the same with the exception of, on occasion, a baked sweet potato, quinoa or spelt pasta.  I eat very little fruit because of the natural sugars which can slow down the healing process.  I eat all  nuts except peanuts.  The nuts must be soaked to release the enzyme inhibitors. I make a daily effort  to eat either avocado or nuts, but not on the same day.  It puts stress on your body to try to digest fruits and nuts in a 24 hour period. My favorite snack is the Crispy Kale Chips prepared at Elizabeth's Gone Raw.  I will have a glass of red wine occasionally for enjoyment and to remind myself not to be too strident in thought.  Healing is a multifaceted task which includes the power of positive thinking, laughter, exercise and healthy eating.  For my personal healing, it becomes imperative that I gently remind myself that
life is a wonderful process in which the mistakes we make are actually lessons learned; we are not perfect.  

Where can I find high quality foods in my area?
It is extremely important to buy as much organic produce as you can afford.  I purchase much of the food I eat on line.  The seeds I use to sprout are from Country Life, the dulse is from East Coast Sea Vegetables and the nuts are from Natural Zing.  All of the produce I eat is purchased either at Whole Foods, the local market or Tuscarora Farm.  If organic food is prohibitive for economic reasons, try peeling your fruits and vegetables to lessen the amount of pesticides in your diet.

I want to eat more consciously, but my family still eats a highly-processed diet full of pesticides. How do I make the connection?
If your children are old enough to use logic, there are some wonderful documentaries that may help support your argument, Food Inc., interviews with Dr. Gerson's wife, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead.  You may want to watch them first to ensure that the message is appropriate for your child.  Some of these documentaries may include uncomfortable subject matter and photographs that could upset a young child. Kris Carr's documentary,  Crazy Sexy Cancer, is also wonderful but not suitable for children.    I often find that it is not very effective to proselytize when trying to change other's eating habits.  I would focus on your own diet and hope that, by setting a wonderful example, your family will engage in healthful options.  As you continue to feel better and look better, those who love you will becomes intrigued by your efforts.

Do you offer personal coaching & raw food preparing  classes?
I am not currently offering personal coaching, however, I can recommend several professionals for you to consider hiring. Please know, though, that I am always available to answer any questions you might have.  I may not have the answer, but I can share other sources that may help you.     

We hope to offer raw cooking classes in the near future.  Currently, all my energy is going towards the restaurant.

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